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Chrome Angel Solutions provides an expert and highly experienced team supporting the successful implementation of technology solutions for the European rail industry:

Expert technology implementation services

Specialists in the specification, selection and implementation of technology solutions (whether hardware, software or softer organisational processes and systems) to deliver railway business goals.

We provide expert, independent services that apply deep rail expertise and broad technology experience to ensure we never fail to deliver for our clients.

Technology transfer

Our goal is to implement transformational technology, solutions that make a real & measurable difference to performance in the European rail industry: delivering a better service to travelling customers through enhanced asset performance, reducing costs and demonstrably improving safety assurance for operators and maintainers.

In pursuit of this goal, we are working with world leading specialist technology partners to transfer advanced solutions that have been extensively developed for other industries and markets. Together we are rapidly delivering innovative, effective and affordable applications of proven technology for the European rail industry.

Technologies we offer include:

  • Distributed Diagnostics - Low cost, non-intrusive and intelligent solutions for monitoring asset health, predicting component failure before it occurs.

  • WiLCOŽ - Whole Life Cost Modelling and Optimisation solutions for improved asset management.

  • RODONŽ Maintain - Model-based Reasoning of complex systems to identify the root cause of technical faults.

  • RODONŽ Design - Virtual Modelling for efficient and rapid system design and automated optimisation.

  • UpTimeŽ - Whole Life Asset & Engineering Information Management solutions for improved safety and quality assurance.


What makes us different?  Deep technical experience, proven practical approaches and never fail delivery.












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