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About Us

Chrome Angel Solutions was formed in 2006 by three partners who have worked together for several years delivering technology solutions to the transportation industry. Good luck made 2006 the year we were all able to get together and start a new venture, we thought it would be fun to work together in a small independent company doing what we do best and doing it really well.
We were right.

Since forming the company we have been fortunate enough to have been very busy, and even more fortunate to have some very talented people join us. There are more on the way.

We have a simple and effective strategy:

Provide proven expert services

  • Hire people with deep expertise and experience in technology, project management and strategic management
  • Use small, highly effective teams
  • Use proven methodologies and processes
  • Make clear promises and communication
  • “Never fail” delivery

Maintain excellent industry relationships

  • At all levels from board room to shop floor
  • Across all functions from IT, Engineering and Operations
  • Maintain our proven track record, so our opinion counts

Find appropriate technology solutions to support the industry

  • Find valuable solutions from other industries and international markets
  • Use our experience to build effective applications for European Transportation
  • Use our relationships and reputation to sell
  • Use our expertise to effectively deliver benefits

 Develop specialist solutions to fill gaps

  • Find high value unsolved problems and develop solutions where the market exists










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