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Chrome Angel Solutions provides an expert and highly experienced team to support the implementation of technology and business process change.  We bring together a powerful blend of deep technical expertise, combined with strategic and project management skills to focus on delivering effective systems and processes.

Having worked both as customer and supplier, we can effectively manage relationships to maximise performance and delivery for both parties. Between us we have successfully developed, implemented and supported over fifty systems and understand the key practical obstacles to successful implementation before a project starts.

Implementing technology is a catalyst for change, and we have extensive experience of designing and implementing effective organisations, business processes and performance measures to drive businesses to meet strategic goals.

We can get the best out of existing systems and processes, whilst applying practical, effective project plans and controls to ensure that we always deliver.


Over the last 20 years, we have developed and implemented effective management solutions for the Rail and Transportation industry, consistently delivering significant business benefits to our customers. As independent experts we support our customers in:

 Developing Strategy, Organisation and Processes

  • Understanding how technology can drive business performance

  • Designing processes to make effective use of information

  • Developing organisational structure, roles and performance systems to realise business benefits

  • Prioritising investment opportunities and assessing business case (return on investment) scenarios based on practical experience and risk management

  • Developing integration strategy to realise benefits

Specifying Solutions

  • Understanding your requirements quickly and efficiently

  • Meeting with key employees to gather functional requirements

  • Identifying stakeholders and key success criteria

  • System design and architecture construction

  • Translating business needs into appropriately detailed functional and technical specifications

Selecting Suppliers

  • Assessing supplier capability

  • Constructing and managing invitations to tender

  • Contract negotiation

  • Managing technical supplier evaluation and selection process to identify the optimal solution for the whole life of the system (functionality, implementation and support)

Programme, Project and Implementation Management

  • Development of practical implementation programmes and project plans with effective controls using proven methodologies

  • Establishing structured communication processes

  • Contract management and financial control

  • Early identification, mitigation and resolution of risk using formal capture and control processes

  • Reviewing the business requirement throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the end solution reflects the needs of the business at the time of completion

  • Predicting future requirements and providing recommendations

  • Getting the best out of the supplier and ensuring delivery to specification and plan

  • Protecting customer requirements and benefits from the suppliers inherent need to deliver cost effectively

  • Managing organisational & process change to optimise results

Performance Review & Enhancement

  • Assessing performance of processes and systems to determine compliance with specification and return on investment

  • Reviewing performance of organisation structure, management practices and people against business plans and strategic goals

  • Process mapping and re-engineering to exploit technology

  • Development of performance improvement plans to optimise benefits from technology










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